Propel Orthodontics in Edina

Another innovative technological advance in orthodontics is the Propel System. Propel works by stimulating bone restructuring in a fast, efficient manner. It has become one of our most frequently requested techniques. This system also greatly reduces the time required for treatment.

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What is Propel?

The Propel system involves the promotion of bone growth in the upper and lower jaw by using micro osteo-perforations. It is used in combination with other orthodontic appliances like standard braces or Invisalign. These micro perforations expedite bone stimulation and assist in making the jaws more malleable, allowing for a more precise and faster movement of teeth. It has been found to be especially successful in teens and young adults due to the fact that bone growth is still active.

Establishing the correct placement of the micro osteo-perforations will be done through the use of orthodontic x-rays. The perforations help blood flow to the specific area which will increase tissue and bone regrowth as well as bone strength. The procedure requires just a few moments time and a local anesthetic will be applied to decrease pain.

 How Does It Work?

A procedure that is known as Alveocentesis will be utilized which prompts alveolar bone growth in the upper and lower jaw (Alveolar bone is the dental name for the bone that envelopes your teeth). This bone has the ability to adapt as teeth move into correct alignment. As a result, teeth will move faster than they would with regular orthodontic treatment.

This technique works especially well on adults with severe misalignments. Unlike younger people, adults no longer produce new bone that is required when shifting teeth. It is important to note that adults will need a longer healing time.

Benefits of the Propel System

     1. Pain-free, safe, minimally invasive
     2. Reduced treatment period
     3. Appropriate for most age groups
     4. Enhances orthodontic treatment
     5. Improves overall and oral health

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