Orthodontic Expansion in Edina

A common problem that we see here in Edina is insufficient space in a child’s mouth for the eruption of their permanent teeth. This generally develops into a problem like misalignment or overcrowding. Frequently the use of an orthodontic expander becomes necessary in order to provide room for the teeth to come in by widening the jaw. The use of an expander is much more effective while the child is still experiencing the natural growth of teeth and jaws.


How Does It Work?

When the use of a palatal expander is needed, it will be made specifically for your child and will be placed over several of the top teeth in the back of the mouth. The device is made of two halves connected in the middle with a screw. Using a special key, the screw is turned each day, causing the expander to put tension on palatal bones, progressively separating the bones. This will generally require one or two turns every day until the proper separation is accomplished. Most often, it will remain in the mouth approximately three additional months so that new bone may grow and the expansion will be stabilized.

 When Might This Treatment Be Needed?

Some problems that can be resolved with orthodontic expansion include:

     1. Misalignments
     2. Crowding of teeth leaving insufficient room for permanent teeth
     3. Impacted teeth that are unable to come into the mouth properly

Can Adults Use Orthodontic Expanders?

Adults seldom require the use of expanders. Because bone tissue is harder in an adult, this procedure is typically more uncomfortable than when it is performed on younger people.

In Edina, our trained specialists can determine whether an expander will be necessary for a patient, whether adult or child. In cases where it would be beneficial, we will thoroughly discuss the procedure with you prior to any treatment. Orthodontic expanders are excellent options when used because the final result will be a greatly improved, aesthetically pleasing appearance and treatment time for braces will be reduced.

Edina, MN

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