Invisalign Treatment in Edina

Modern technologies like Invisalign have made a great impact on the way orthodontic treatment is performed today. It is a solution that is appropriate for patients of almost all ages. The invisible aligners help you to feel more confident because others are not even aware that you are wearing them. Because they are removable, you can eat your favorite foods no matter what the occasion.

With Invisalign’s simple method, you can enjoy a pain-free, fast experience without the feeling of a mouthful of metal.


Treatment Planning

To determine whether Invisalign is the appropriate option for you, our certified orthodontist will need to complete a thorough examination. A 3D image will then be generated which will be used to make a proper teeth impression. This digital imaging can also provide a look at how your treatment will progress.

Your custom-made aligners will be produced through a lab and placed over your teeth. These aligners are comfortable and barely noticeable, either to you or to others. Invisalign puts far less tension on teeth than standard braces and will allow you to eat whatever you choose because they are removable. Normal oral hygiene can also be continued as normal. You will need to replace the aligners every two weeks with the next set. Unlike conventional braces, no tightening is required and appointments will only be required approximately every six to eight weeks.

Maximizing Treatment

Successful treatment will require that you wear the aligners a minimum of 20 hours per day. You may continue to eat, brush and floss as usual, but need to replace the aligners right away. In most cases, a retainer will be used following treatment to keep teeth stable and in their proper place.

Invisalign Benefits

     1. Invisible aligners that cannot be seen by others
     2. Convenient
     3. Minimal change to daily routine
     4. Normal eating, brushing and flossing habits are maintained
     5. Pain-Free
     6. Decreased Treatment Time
     7. Usually twelve to eighteen months
     8. No embarrassment because of mouth full of metal


Based on its benefits, Invisalign is a cost-effective option for orthodontic needs. The system has become so popular that it is now more affordable than ever, particularly in light of fewer appointments and the elimination of additional items needed to maintain oral hygiene for patients with conventional braces.

The decision to use Invisalign is entirely yours, and all costs will be discussed at the initial visit.

Edina, MN

If you want to find the right team for your orthodontics experience, turn to our professionals. We are ready to take any action possible in order to make you feel better about your everyday life.

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