Specialized Braces in Edina

A large majority of orthodontic problems today are still treated with standard braces. Though they have been around for many years, they continue to bring about fantastic results for misalignments and crooked teeth.

Advanced technologies, however, have brought about numerous alternatives that may bring faster and more efficient treatment to certain patients and situations. These options include Self-Ligating Braces and Invisalign.


What are Braces Used For?

Our orthodontic specialists use braces to guide and straighten misaligned teeth as well as improve a person’s oral health. The repositioning of the teeth is accomplished as a moderate amount of pressure is used to relocate them into a better positon according to the patients’ need. Braces treatment requires careful monitoring and will include regularly scheduled visits to our office, based on the type of appliance used. Traditional braces will generally need more visits than some of the newer appliances and will be tightened during the visit according to tooth movement.

Each patient is unique and length of treatment will vary based on their particular situation and is generally a timeframe of one to three years, after which retainers are generally used to ensure that your teeth remain stable in their new position.

What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign system of braces is a comfortable, simple way to correct bite problems. Clear aligners that are custom-made according to an individual’s specific needs are applied and move the teeth gradually into their proper place. They are a popular choice because others cannot see them and they are removable so there are no restrictions on food and regular hygiene habits can be maintained. Each set of aligners is replaced every two weeks with a new set.  

Should I Opt For Self-Ligating Braces?

Self-Ligating Braces differ from conventional braces in that no elastics, bands or ties are used in the process. Like Invisalign, less pressure is required to move teeth. Generally, these specialized braces require less time to straighten teeth and less office visits are necessary.

Your orthodontist here in Edina will complete a thorough exam to be able to determine if this choice is appropriate for your needs.

Why Choose Us?

At Edina Ortho Best you will be welcomed by our helpful staff who will guide you through the entire process of preparing for your orthodontic treatment. Our goal is to help you feel like family right from the start so that you will place your trust in us for your care.

We provide only the most up-to-date equipment and services and are in compliance with the highest safety and hygienic standards required in our industry.  

Affordable payment plans are available to you that will be discussed according to your individual situation.

Edina, MN

If you want to find the right team for your orthodontics experience, turn to our professionals. We are ready to take any action possible in order to make you feel better about your everyday life.

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